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Executing a design project can be complicated and require multiple stakeholders and team members. The design process is uncertain and risky, the ability to navigate and lead a team through that uncertainty is critical to maximizing success.

With experience as a design director, I can create clear plans for execution and ensure the project advances smoothly. I can communicate clearly members and clearly define goals.


The most worthwhile problems are nebulous and complicated, the critical first step is defining the problem. The toughest problems we face today involve people, and through the design process, we can better understand the people we aim to serve.

I undergo various forms of ethnographic research including user interviews, observation, and contextual inquiry. It’s not enough to restate the obvious, but to uncover problems the user doesn’t know exists.

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The first idea is never the best, nor does taking the conventional problem solving approach lead to innovation. The most creative solutions come from people who make a conscious decision to break the rules.

Prototyping is a process for simulating ideas so that they may be evaluated by stakeholders. I am skilled at a plethora of physical, digital, and experiential tools for low and high fidelity.


Ideas are only worth their impact to the stakeholders and the business. It’s important to identify potential stars and duds early on, so looking for early signals is critical. It’s ok for ideas to fail, but it’s not ok for them to fail after going all in on an idea.

I have experience testing products with users and know how to construct controlled and accurate user experiments. I can then compile the findings into actionable information for the following design cycle.

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