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Planning and Leadership

Executing a design project can be complicated and require multiple contractors and stakeholders. I can source and coordinate with design professionals, prototyping services, and manufacturers.

With experience as a design director, I can create clear plans for execution and ensure the project advances smoothly. I can brief team members and establish clear project goals.


The practice of design research varies based on the project. I have experience conducting various forms of qualitative research including user interviews, observation, and contextual inquiry. I know how to plan the necessary research projects and source users for the research.

I have experience analyzing user data and compiling the research into actionable metrics. I can create personas and user needs statements that are actionable and measurable.

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The first phase of design is ideation, where team members generate a variety of solutions and features aimed at improving an experience. I can create wire frames, sketches, mockups, and models to represent the potential ideas.

As the project enters it's later stages, I create highly detailed mockups and prototypes. I have experience using Balsamiq and Invision to create interactive mockups that can be tested with users. I am highly skilled at creating 3D renderings and prototypes for physical products.


Once sufficient prototyping is completed, I conduct strategic evaluation of the product or experience. I have applied heuristics and design principles to evaluating designs without users to save time and money.

I have experience testing products with users and know how to construct controlled and accurate user experiments. I can then compile the findings into actionable information for the following design cycle.

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