Industrial Design

Health kiosk

March 2016, 6 months

User/Need: QH customers are elderly people living in urban parts of China who needed a location to receive heath checkups and consultation that was easy and accessible. They needed a space that was private, clean, organized, and approachable, and would fit within a small drug store.

Role: I started by spending a few weeks on site of where the table was to be deployed. I observed the process of customers interacting with our staff an interviewed people to understand their needs. Taking in the needs of the customers and site limitations, I then returned to my office and ideated potential forms for the kiosk. I created multiple stages of prototypes, constantly checking with the staff members and testing to receive feedback on my design. I coordinated with a factory to have the final table produced and installed it within the store. I oversaw the entire design and implementation of this project.


Health Test Kit

April, 2015, 3 weeks

User/Needs: Elderly people and health conscious people who needed to test their health markers regularly. They needed a test kit that was easy to learn and use with minimal error. The kit also had to be mailed to and from the users home and preserve the sample within.

Role: I was tasked with the challenge of fitting a set of sample collection devices and combining them into a usable kit. I started by researching other test kits and packaging designs. I created paper prototypes of different packaging configurations and tested them with users. I illustrated and designed the instructions for the testing process which ensured that the test was administrated properly. I created realistic mockups and samples of the finished kit and presented the designs.



Purchase Planner App Design

October 2017, 2 Months

User/ Needs: Based on 30 minute interviews with 9 different participants, we discovered several opportunities with the process of making large purchases. Users needed a better way to collaborate, manage finances, compare options, and receive alerts.

Role: I was one of 4 designers on the project tasked with conducting research, ideations, prototyping, and testing. We developed an app that allows users to better manage their purchase options by allowing them to compare key features of any product. We also integrated a collaboration platform, so that multiple people can help make an informed purchase. We also designed an interface fo users to design and mange their finances for paying for the purchase. And finally, we designed a system that will alert the user when important events occur such as payments due and achievements.


QuanDx Q-Velox UI

February, 2017, 2 weeks

User/Needs: Bioscience businesses to create controlled environments for conducting experiments on cells. The Q-Velox needed a clean GUI that is easy to learn and operate. The device needed to look professional to establish trust and while adhering to their brand.

Role: I started by understanding the user of the device and what tasks they needed to perform to operate the machine. I then explored more streamlined interfaces from their existing GUI. I explored and developed a style that matched the QuanDx brand aesthetic. I finished the design by providing detailed features such as a feedback tone and interactions.


test results

June, 2016, 2 months

User/Needs: Our customers needed a way to receive their test results in an understandable and organized way. The test results needed to be delivered over Wechat in multiple formats and contain a very diverse set of information.

Role: I was tasked with designing the initial template for the test results within an A4 format. I was provided with the test result information and developed a layout that would work for any test result produced. I developed hundreds of iterations to produce the optimal format for displaying the information. I designed custom icons to represent specific tests, charts to indicate health status, and an organization system that could be implemented by the backend team. My template increased comprehension and legibility for the users and increased user retention. I then assisted the app development team with designing the Wechat app version.