Client: Hacking Arts Hackathon

Date: October 13 - 14

Scope: UI/UX, AR, Concept Generation, Prototyping, Business Model

Co-Authors: Samip Jain, Nikita Bansal


Online learning allows students around the world to access educational resources from anywhere in the world. However, art students require more personalized, visual mentoring to allow them to improve. Our solution is a platform for art students to receive real-time, personalized mentoring through AR.

I worked with MIT engineering students and professional software engineers to develop the platform and business model. We researched the problem and developed a user journey map. I then developed the UI through the user journey map to illustrate how users would access the product. We then developed a video mockup of the product experience. We established the technological requirements and feasibility of the product. We also generated a business model and how the service would be priced.