Purchase Planner App

Client: Purchase Planner

Date: Sept. - Nov., 2017

Scope: User Research, Ideation, Wireframing, Balsamiq Prototyping, Sketch App, Usability Testing, Hueristics Evaluation

User/ Needs: Based on 30 minute interviews with 9 different participants, we discovered several opportunities with the process of making large purchases. Users needed a better way to collaborate, manage finances, compare options, and receive alerts.

Role: I was one of 4 designers on the project tasked with conducting research, ideations, prototyping, and testing. We developed an app that allows users to better manage their purchase options by allowing them to compare key features of any product. We also integrated a collaboration platform, so that multiple people can help make an informed purchase. We also designed an interface fo users to design and mange their finances for paying for the purchase. And finally, we designed a system that will alert the user when important events occur such as payments due and achievements.