QH Branding

Client: Quantum Health

Date: Sep., 2015 - March 2016

Scope: Research, Visual Identity, Website, Corporate Identity

Quantum Health needed a new brand identity that was more welcoming and easier to understand. Their customer felt alienated from their service an brand, so they needed something new.

Working with multiple contractors and agencies, I led the rebranding of Quantum Health. Since, it was an international brand, we used an icon as the logo that the brand revolve around. I then developed a brand guid that would serve as the cornerstone for all future branded items. We then developed a consumer facing website that would not only generate leads, but also educate customers on our service. Afterwards, we produced a video designed to explain our service in an approachable way. Through the development of a coherent aesthetic that was designed to be friendly and welcoming, we were able to adopt more customers to our health service.

Website/Video: https://www.quantumhealth.cn/