Health kiosk

Client: Quantum Health

Date: March - September, 2016

Scope: User Research, Sketching, Prototyping, CAD Modeling, Supplier Management


QH customers are elderly people living in urban parts of China who needed a location to receive heath checkups and consultation that was easy and accessible. They needed a space that was private, clean, organized, and approachable, and would fit within a small drug store.

I started by spending a few weeks on site of where the table was to be deployed. I observed the process of customers interacting with our staff and interviewed people to understand their needs. Taking in the needs of the customers and site limitations,  ideated potential forms for the kiosk. I created multiple stages of prototypes, testing ideas with stakeholders, and iterating various designs. I coordinated with a factory to have the final table produced and assisted with installation within the store. I oversaw the entire design and implementation of this project.