Shot Drop

Client: Shot Drop

Date: October - December 2018

Scope: User Research, Concept Generation, Sketching, Prototyping, Manufacturing, Business Model, Marketing, Sales


Developed a venture with a Sloan MBA student and MIT engineering student. Shot Drop is a fun, novel way to pour drinks for you and your friends. Pour into the top glass and the drink will overflow and fill the remaining glasses. We engineered it to flow perfectly with no spill.

As the designer, I led the initial research and idea generation. We spoke with over 30 users about what they would want in a shot glass holder. We found that people wanted something social and unique that they could show off to their friends in a celebration or gathering. We generated over 100 different ideas and ultimately selected this one because of the magical experience, easy manufacturing, and business viability. We then designed the parts, sourced materials, and produced 70 units at MIT. We marketed and sold all our products at a %81 profit margin.